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Indian Lives and Anecdotes ca. 1886 - 1941 part 6 (ms158_b3f003_006.10.pdf)

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Joe Nicola - (not the author of "the Red Man"

Joe was a large, strong, clear headed fellow but greatly addicted to drink. When not in liquor he could do a great deal of work, but when "set up" he was best at a preach. One year he worked haying for us and boarded at Joe French's.

"Ah, Mr. Prench, seems like I had met you somewhere's Mr. Prench." Mr. French thought he had as he had been boarding there a week or two.

"Ah, Mandly, we found um nother boardin' place. Mr. Prench's folks, they decent folks. We aint fit to stay with decent folks, so we go Miss Cus'in's. She got nice fedder-bed; we enjoy ourselves.

"We been sayin' our prayers all right for fair wedder. Two berry good things we got - plenty of money and a clean conscience."

At French's one day during dinner time a cossel [?] lamb entered the room and

Description: Pages from Fannie Hardy Eckstorm's notebook 10 (X)

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Language: English

Date: ca. 1886 - 1941

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