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Indian Lives and Anecdotes ca. 1886 - 1941 part 6 (ms158_b3f003_006.09.pdf)

[Entire page struck through with one penciled diagonal:]

Mitchel Jackwaddis, a Yankee corruption of Chaquot, Daylight. He was named Chaquot, "a Mitchel that gets up early in the morning", from Chaquot, dawn or daybreak. {See Kasle [one underlined] for him.}

Marie Chaquot was Sebattis Wassus' mother. I do not know that they {she & Mitchel} were related but presumably they were.

Gen. Blake's rosters show Martirain Jackwaddis (= Madeline Chaquottis) Clara Neptune says her husband was killed in a mill. If so it would have been before 1814. Perhaps Clara refers to a younger man -

{From what goes before it would seem that this Madeline Chaquottis may have been the mother of Sebattis Mitchel, whose father was killed - but murdered -}

Description: Pages from Fannie Hardy Eckstorm's notebook 10 (X)

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Language: English

Date: ca. 1886 - 1941

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