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York County Proprietor's Record Book of Colonel Josiah Waters (29-314264-P021A.pdf)

� Mr Thomas Hubbard Dr Conha 1771 1771 August 8 To each by Col Sparhawk 1:8 Sept By his Account of expense 13.6.8

aGuineau . . . . 15 To be paid by Doctor Wanen Wm Phillips Esq Saml Adams 3:10, 4/2 as Receipt 26:7:10 To be pd by Mr burking ..... 16:8

Sept 2 To be pd by the Leiutenant Gov 3:6:8

for Peleg Sanford, heirs . . .

Oct 8 To be pd received of Gerald Card 3:6:8

Sundry for sheltering heirs, To be pd by Joseph Allen . . . 7:5 -------- 12:15:9

The Props holding land under B Ps will

1771 1771 Sep To Tho Hubbard for expenses L 13.6.8

Sep By task Rec of Props L 12:15:9/2 toward expenses of T. H.

1772 1772 March to %3 of the expense of laying 10:9:12

out Mr Parson Township March By task recd toward laying 5:8:1/2 out Mr P Township of him

1773 Capn Brown expenses 2:4 1773 March To Tho Parsons for %3 of the expense

Laying out his additional Crawl 7:7:4 March By task recd paid Tho Parson . . . . . . . . 5:07:9

Description: Proprietor's Record Book (1768-1807), York County, District of Maine, belonging to Colonel Josiah Waters of Boston and referencing estate of Bridget Phillips of Boston.

See map relating to estate of Bridget Phillips from same Record Book (314264-I002).

The land which comprises the present town of Waterboro was originally a part of a large tract of land which was purchased by Major William Phillips who died in Boston in 1683. By his last will, he bequeathed his lands to his widow Bridget and sons Samuel and William. Under the Wills of his sons, the title to the territory passed to 10 Proprietors, one of whom was Col. Josiah Waters, and for whom the town was named. Josiah Waters purchased most of the land from the other nine proprietors. The remainder of the land was divided into lots and sold to settlers.

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Language: English

Date: 1768-1807

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