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William P. Parrott Journal, 1839 (Page 52-53)

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Fort Fairfield Septr 5 1839

Hon Rufus MacIntyre

Land agent of the State of Maine


Many persons are making preparations for further trespass upon this territory on the waters of the St John and Aroostic under pretence [pretense] of permits from Massachusetts by the Land Agent of that state

Under these circumstances connected with the fact that this part[?] of[?] the State by agreement between the Executors of New Brunswick and the State of Maine has been placed in your charge and keeping

I consider it our duty to allow no one to pass this post[?] (whom we have reason to believe intends trespassing) either with teams provisions or any thing connected with lumbering operations which course I shall persue until further ordered by you

This course is one which Col Jarvis approves and I believe he has written to you upon the subjected

I enclose a notice which I have made public in relation to this matter.

your Obt Svt

Wm P. Parrott

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fort Fairfield Septr 9 1839.

I hav this day detained a boat bound to St Croix with six barrels[?] of pork[?] and six barrels[?] of flour the property of Webster Pilsbury & co.

Subject to the orders of the Land Agent

and have given receipt for the same to Danl Comstock

Fort Fairfield Septr 9 1839

Capt John H Pilsbury

Dear Sir

I have been under[?] the necessity[?] of deterring[?] a small boat load of goods belonging to you until such times as I receive[?] letters from the Land Agent respecting them which I expect to do in a few days I have furnished your man with a raft[?] for them and a boat and in [?] my instructions are to deliver the goods to you I will deliver them to you at St Croix free of expense to you as soon as practicable after [?] those orders.

Your Obt Svt

Wm P Parrott

Description: William P. Parrott served as the Assistant Land Agent for the State of Maine under Rufus McIntire, the Land Agent. During the Aroostook War Parrott was stationed in Fort Fairfield. The journal includes entries written by Parrott between April and November of 1839, but also includes copies of Parrott's correspondence.

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Language: English

Date: 1839

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