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William P. Parrott Journal, 1839 (Page 42-43)

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The [?] described timber failing[?] in Bond this Certificate Was Withdrawn July 25 1839

July 25 Amos St[?] James Bishop Alfred & George Iverson[?] Claimants of timber marked ABxC to wit 120 tons refused[?] this day to give the refund[?] bonds for the same

July 25. Parks[?] claims the PWCC timber cut he says by Parks Works & [?]

July 27 Mr Thos Field passed by five thousand shingles made on township Letter I[?]

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Fort Fairfield July 29 1839

Hon Rufus MacIntyre Land Agent State of Maine


Mr Fillebrown has expressed a disinclination[?] to accept the office of Justice of the Peace here[?], and we have no person qualified to act Fairbanks is an unfit man as I fear he is ignorant and I know he indulges in strong drink to an extent which I think would interfere with his usefulness besides other objections which will readily be seen by you

The great objection with Mr Fillebrown is paying the fees which he does not feel able to do

I think it very important that Some course should be taken to remedy[?] this evil[?] as the want of proper officers to administer Justice here is a great embarassment [embarrassment]

I have heard that there are trespassers on the River deChute and shall send tow men to [?] to examine in[?] that direction[?]

Your Obt Svt

Wm. P. Parrott

Description: William P. Parrott served as the Assistant Land Agent for the State of Maine under Rufus McIntire, the Land Agent. During the Aroostook War Parrott was stationed in Fort Fairfield. The journal includes entries written by Parrott between April and November of 1839, but also includes copies of Parrott's correspondence.

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Language: English

Date: 1839

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