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William P. Parrott Journal, 1839 (Page 22-23)

[Left page]


Fort Fairfield

May 23 1839

Capt. Thomas Bartlett Jr


upon receipt of this you will please return with your men and report to the officer Commanding at this place

For particulars I refer to the letters to Capt. Nye from the Lang Agt.

Your Obt. Servt.

Wm P. Parrott

[Left margin: Thursday 23]

Pleasant Weather men generally employed on boom and defenses & clearing land. Thomas Bartlett Esq. of Old Town arrived here about 5 oclock

[Left margin: Friday 24]

Rainy weather men employed as yesterday.

[Left margin: Saturday 25]

Pleasant Men employed as yesterday. finished passing timber through the boom

[Left margin: Sunday 26]

weather warm

[Left margin: Monday 27]

Men employed farming[?] and on defenses. P.M. Mr Fillebrown arrived. Commenced raining about 4 O. Clock

[Left margin: Tuesday 28]

weather rainy men employed a part of the day as yesterday. Capt. Parrott[?] left for Bangor

[Right page]


[Left margin: Wednesday 29.]

rainy through the day river[?] risen[?] three feet. Men employed a part of the day on defenses &c

[Left margin: Thursday 30]

rainy through the day, boom co. at work on boom. Maj. Thompson arrived from Bangor. river has risen two feet

[Left margin: Friday 31]

rained a part of the day, boom men employed on boom river has risen so high that the water runs[?] over several of the piers[?], 10 o clock P.M. rained very hard

[Left margin: Sat. Jun 1st]

rained steady all night about 12 oclock E[?] reported at our quarters that the boom had given way on the other shore to the first pier[?] a section which was hard pressed[?] with draft stuff and permitted timber before rights[?] not an unexpected event, and for which we had provided by turning the timber above[?] into this south side, none of the boom lost and can be repaired in a few[?] hours[?] with trifling expense

Head Quarters

Fort Fairfield

June 1st 1839

Major James W. Thompson having been appointed by the direction of the land agent of the State of Maine to the supervision of the armed possee [posse] in the service of the State aforesaid and stationed at this post. It has become my duty to require all officers commissioned non commissioned and privates belonging to said force[?] to respect and obey him accordingly and conform themselves to such orders and command as shall be given from time to time by him touching[?] the military duties required for said service

Thomas Bartlett Ass. Land Agt.

[Left margin: Sunday 2]


Description: William P. Parrott served as the Assistant Land Agent for the State of Maine under Rufus McIntire, the Land Agent. During the Aroostook War Parrott was stationed in Fort Fairfield. The journal includes entries written by Parrott between April and November of 1839, but also includes copies of Parrott's correspondence.

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Language: English

Date: 1839

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