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William P. Parrott Journal, 1839 (Page 6-7)

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6. Copy

Fort Jarvis Fish River Apr. 23, 1839,

Charles Jarvis, Esq.

D[ea]r Sir

I take this opportunity to inform

you of my doings which is according to order, we arrived here after a hard siege, we then went to work on the block house & boom. The boom is completed. It is four hundred feet long and is in a good place. The only chance there is from the lake to the mouth, at the mouth of the river there is a small Isle with about nine acres of land in it and would be a very good chance for a boom to stop the timber that comes down the St John. The English have surveyed the ground on the opposite bank and say they shall build barracks there. I have been down to Mr Bakers but did not see him as he was gone away in the woods. I have two boats there now after potatoes which will be here to night. It is 14 miles from the Fort to Ba[?]. I have hired two Frenchmen to help us build some canoes. I have six built already and found ten in the woods and we have been finishing them off, so that we have quite a fleet. The men are all well & hearty, and satisfied with their situation which is very pleasant. We shall move in the house tomorrow, it is very strong built is is principally built of hewn timbers 20 inches thick and on a high point of land, we can reach both ends of the boom with a musket from the house the French have been here and they are glad that we Americans are going to have this land they are all friendly -

There is three Frenchmen here that are agoing to work for Mr Buckmore and the man that brings this letter wants to return and I dont want him here, so I let him go with them.

Your Obt. Servt, Alvin Nye, A. A. L. Agt.

Copy Fort Jarvis Fish River Apr 23.1839.

Charles Jarvis Esq Sir

Mr Bunker wishes to send Forty dollars to Mr David I. Clark of Glenburn for him to pay to Osgood Carlton of Cambridge to take up a note of his which he holds against the said Bunker which note is for a bond for a deed and will be out


in June and this will be your receipt. Signed Francis B. Bunker

Attest Alvin Nye Mr Bunker wishes you to write to Mr Clark and he will do the business A. N.

Know all men by these present that we Asa B. Harvey John Kearney acknowledge ourselves jointly and severally firmly bound to pay to the Land Agent of the State of Maine the full sum of four hundred dollars, and hereby certify our obligation therefore.

The Condition of this obligation is that if we the said Asa B. Harvey & John Kearney deliver to the Land Agent of the State within the State of Maine The following described property to wit - one bay horse one dark brown stud horse one sorrel horse one red horse two sleds & Chains all of the value of three hundred fifty dollars, or pay to the Land Agent the above amount in money then this bond to be null & void otherwise to remain in full force. In witness hereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this twelfth day of April - in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred & thirty nine -

Asa B. Harvey John Kearney In presence of D. F. Leavitt

Description: William P. Parrott served as the Assistant Land Agent for the State of Maine under Rufus McIntire, the Land Agent. During the Aroostook War Parrott was stationed in Fort Fairfield. The journal includes entries written by Parrott between April and November of 1839, but also includes copies of Parrott's correspondence.

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Language: English

Date: 1839

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