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William P. Parrott Journal, 1839 (Doc-LandOffice-Aroostook-War-William-Parrott-journal05p1-313490.pdf)

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Fort Fairfield, Saturday Apr. 6, 1839.

Discharged the boom men who left today for home, commenced enlisting men for 3d. Enlistment for armed civil force,- Jonathan Fogg left this day without leave and probably has run

Sunday Apr. 7th.

Moved from Mr. Dorsey's house to camp. Established head Quarters there.

Monday Apr. 8th.

Commenced on block house at boom. P.M. Mr. Shaws [?]

Tues. 9th. Bartlett Jr. started with a detachment of 10 men to river DeChute to stop the timber on that stream. Bridge men returned this day from Aroostic road, Rest of men employed on the guard house at boom, digging very hard, ground frozen 2 1/2 feet deep, ice in the river, started below the piers.

Wed. 10th. Col. Jarvis left for Bangor, 30 men enlisted from the Militia

Description: William P. Parrott served as the Assistant Land Agent for the State of Maine under Rufus McIntire, the Land Agent. During the Aroostook War Parrott was stationed in Fort Fairfield. The journal includes entries written by Parrott between April and November of 1839, but also includes copies of Parrott's correspondence.

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Language: English

Date: 1839

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