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House Journal 1836 (30-318951-P192B.pdf)


Tuesday March 29th 1836

Met according to adjournment

Messrs Sandford of Topsham & Chadbourne of Standish has leave of absence from & after Thursday next - Mr Chadbourne of Limerick from and after today and Mr Cook of Waterboro from and after Wednesday next.

Bill - An Act to incorporate the Bucksport Stage and Hotel Company, was read a third time & referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. Sent up for concurrence.

Leave to Withdraw, was granted on concurrence Petition of Benjamin Libby & others for a Bank -

The Committee on the Incorporation of Towns, were discharged in concurrence from further service -

Report on the Order to inquire into the expediency of appointing a Committee to Examine into the concerns of the State Prison, that legislation is inexpedient, was read & accepted in concurrence.

Bill - An Act to set of a tract of land from Lewiston to Greene, came from the Senate, that body insisting upon their vote of the 22 inst indefinitely postponing the same - The House insist upon their vote passing the same to be engrossed propose a conference and appoint as Conferees, Messrs Allen of Green, Humphrey of Gray & Morvitt of Jay. Sent up for concurrence.

Bill - An Act to establish the Maine Manual

Description: The journal of the House of Representatives documents the proceedings in the chamber, including actions taken on bills, petitions and reports from committees read, and votes taken. The journals are not transcripts and therefore do not include floor speeches that are found in the modern Legislative Records.

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Language: English

Date: 1836

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