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Senate Journal 1830 (30-318509-P062A.pdf)

(111) accepted. Sent down for concurrence. Concurred. [Convention to qualify Counsellors] Agreeably to assignment the two Houses of the Legislature met in convention, when Lemuel Paine, David Crowell, Daniel Steward Jr., and Phineas Varnum, Councillors elect, came in and before the President of the Senate, in presence of both Houses of the Legislature, took and subscribed the oaths required by the Constitution to qualify them to enter upon the discharge of their official duties. The Convention then separated, and the Senate returned to their Chamber.

[Bill respecting Winthrop Bank] Mr. Dunlap, from the Committee on Banks and Banking, on the Petition of the Directors of the Winthrop Bank, reported a Bill entitled "An additional act respecting the Winthrop Bank" which was read the first and second times and passed to be engrossed. Sent down for concurrence.

[Resolve in favor of Edward Smith] Mr. Phelps, from the Joint Standing Committee on State Lands, on the Petition of Edward Smith, reported a Resolve entitled "Resolve in favor of Edward Smith" which was read the first and second time and passed to be Engrossed. Sent down for concurrence.

[Leave for Bills. on Petitions.] Mr. Gardner, from the Joint Standing Committee on the Incorporation of Towns, On the Petitions of Seth Soule and others, " Elijah A. Buzzel & others, " Alfred Farnham & others, " Aulger [?] Chase & others, reported that the said Petitioners, severally, have leave to bring in a Bill. The reports were read and accepted.

Description: The journal of the Senate documents the proceedings in the chamber, including actions taken on bills, petitions and reports from committees read, and votes taken. The journals are not transcripts and therefore do not include floor speeches that are found in the modern Legislative Records.

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Language: English

Date: 1830

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