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Senate Journal 1828 (30-318507-P039A.pdf)

62 [left margin] pet of N. Chandler from files [main body] On motion by Mr. Cutler the petition of Noah Chandler + others was taken from the files and referred to the committee on Parishes +c Sent down for concurrence, concurred

[left margin] Report on pet of Jona Mathews [main body] Mr Williams from the committee on the Judiciary on the petition of Jonathan Mathews and others and [left margin] and Leave to withdraw on pets of Trus. of Bridg ton academy + on pet of J. Holmes [main body] leave to withdraw on the petitions of Trustees of Bridgton Academy and of John Holmes Read and accepted. Sent down for concurrence. concurred.

[left margin] Bill authorizing Judges of Probate to appt Guardians [illegible] [main body] " on order of January 11th Bill authorizing Judges of Probate in certain cases to appoint Guardians to married women. Read once and tomorrow 10 o clock assigned for a second reading.

[left margin] Resolve for the pur- chase of Greenleaf Reports [main body] On order of January 11th Resolve providing for the purchase and distribution of Greenleaf's Reports for the use of the State and the same was read once and tomorrow 10 oclock for a 2nd read. and [left margin] Report on order respecting town schools.respect- ing raising money to expend on highways concerning the alteration of Law respecting highway That Legislation on each of said propositions is in expedient [main body] on order of January 8th respecting alterations of the existing Laws rela- tive to town schools and the repairs of school houses - concurred

of January 10th respecting the expediency of au-

thorizing towns and plantations to raise money and expend the same on highways concurred. of January 10th concerning the alteration of the Law respecting highways as that no Agent shall have power to deprive any town or plantation of any benefit aris- ing from the expenditure when fines are imposed and they com- ply with the requisitions of the Law. concurrred. and of January 14th respecting the expediency of altering the 3rd section of the Act respecting highways so that selectmen of towns and assessors of Plantations shall be notified previous to comp- -laint - nonconcurred , that on each of said propositions Legis- lation is inexpedient. Read and accepted Sent down for concur- -rence - Adjourned Attest, Eben Hutchinson Secretary

Description: The journal of the Senate documents the proceedings in the chamber, including actions taken on bills, petitions and reports from committees read, and votes taken. The journals are not transcripts and therefore do not include floor speeches that are found in the modern Legislative Records.

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Language: English

Date: 1828

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