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Senate Journal 1828 (30-318507-P029B.pdf)

Petition of Margaret Minot for confirmation of a certain sale of land by Samuel F. Hussey was referred in concurrence to the committee on the Judiciary [right margin] pet of Margaret Minot

Petition of Thurston Card for relief on account of wound received in the late war was referred in concurrence to the committee on applications from sick and wounded soldiers. [right margin] pet of T. Card

Petition of Mark Andrews and others for incorporation of Central Bank was referred in concurrence to the committee on Banks and Banking. [right margin] " M. Andrews + als

Petition of David Hayes and others of Westbrook for aid in the construction of roads and Bridges was referred in con- -currence to the committee on Turnpikes, Bridges + Canals [right margin]

" D. Hayes +als

Remonstrance of Nathan Shaw and others against the peti -tion of Samuel Shaw and others was referred in concurrence to the committee on Interior Fisheries.

Petition of Stephen Clark and others of Sullivan, Trenton and No. 8 for incorporation of a new town and Remonstrances of Selectmen of Trenton against the same were referred in concurrence to the committee on Incorporation of towns. [right margin] Rem of N Shaw + als [right margin] pet of S. Clark +als Rem Trenton

Mr Cutler from the committee to whom was referred the Treasurer's annual statement of the Financial concerns of the State, made a report thereon. Read and accepted, sent down for concurrence. concurred. [right margin] report on Finance

Mr Hathaway from the committee reported in a new draft Bill establishing the salaries of the Judge and Register of Probate for the County of Waldo. Read a first time and tomorrow 10 o clock assigned for a second reading. [right margin] Bill establishing the Salaries of Judge + Register of Probate for County of Waldo

Description: The journal of the Senate documents the proceedings in the chamber, including actions taken on bills, petitions and reports from committees read, and votes taken. The journals are not transcripts and therefore do not include floor speeches that are found in the modern Legislative Records.

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Language: English

Date: 1828

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