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House Journal 1827 (30-318942-P058A.pdf)


Petition of the Selectmen of Lisbon sreport[?] thereon, came from the Senate referred to the committee on the incorporation of Parishes ect. for concurrence and the House concurred.

Reports on the petitions of the Selectmen of Portland - of Samuel Ao Bradley & others - granting leave for Bills, came from the Senate accepted for concurrence - and the House concurred.

Report on the petition of John Copeland & als, granting leave to withdraw came from the Senate accepted for concurrence and the House concurred.

Petition of Joshua Gould, Register of Probate for the Country of Somerset, praying for an increase of his salary, was read & referred to the select committee of both Houses on the subject of Salaries. Sent up for concurrence.

Bill to incorporate the Proprietors of Edgecomb Bridge was read 1st & 2nd time & referred to Messrs Barnard of Alma, McCobb of Phipsburg & Houdlette of Dresden.

Bill to incorporate the Handel Musical Society in Fayette, was read a 3rd time & passed to be engrossed. Sent up for concurrence.

Ordered that the committee on the Judiciary be instructed to inquire into the expediency of altering the Law respecting roads which may be out of repair, so that when they are complained of, the complaint shall be made to the Court of Sessions instead of being made to the Grand Jury - read & passed. Sent up for concurrence.

Ordered that the joint standing committee on State Lands be instructed to report a statement of the quantity of land sold, and the amount of Sales of said land and all other property sold under the provisions of an act passed February 25th 1824 providing for the sale & settlement of public lands" also the sums expended in the payment of Salaries


The journal of the House of Representatives documents the proceedings in the chamber, including actions taken on bills, petitions and reports from committees read, and votes taken. The journals are not transcripts and therefore do not include floor speeches that are found in the modern Legislative Records.

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Language: Englsih

Date: 1827

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