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House Journal 1825 (30-318940-P021A.pdf)

32. Sundry documents accompanying the Governors Message of 7th instant were read & referred to the Committee who have the respective subject, of said Message under consideration.

Petition - of a committee of Plan. No 4 Oxford County for authority to sell Ministerial land & - of Selectmen of Newburg that the doings of said town may be made valid - - of Selectmen of Raymond that the doings of said town maybe made valid - - of Selectmen of St Albans for authority to raise their highway tax as money tax - - of Thomas Cobb of Gouldsboro' to be refunded the duty paid by him as Clk of Courts in Hancock - - of Selectmen of Hartland that the records of said town may be made legal - - of Assessors of plan. No12 Washington County to have doings made valid - - of Thomas St Clair that his doings as a Justice of the Peace may be made valid - - of Nancy Swett & als for authority to convey certain lands - - of Luke Lambard to be remitted the penalty of a certain Bond - - of Thomas Clark & als for an additional term of CCO. & L.J.C. in Oxford County - - of John Blake in behalf of Berlin to be annexed to come Representatives District - - of David Shaw & als that the fee of Jurymen may be be increased - - of Joseph Dyer & als of Freeman & Phillips to connect certain School Districts - which were severally read & referred to the Committee on New trials - sent up for concurrence.

Petition of Betsy Randall for a divorce - was read & referred to Messrs Hammond of Elliot, Boutelle of Waterville & Deane of Ellsworth with such as the Senate may join. Sent up for concurrence.

Message from the Senate by Mr Smith their Secretary - Mr Speaker The Senate propose a convention of both Houses in the Representatives Chamber at 11 o'clock today for the purpose of qualifying Elias Stowell Esq Counsellor elect - and the House concurred

Agreeably to assignment the two branches assembled in the Representatives chamber when Elias Stowell Esq; Counsellor, elect, came in and took & subscribed the oaths & declarations required by law to qualify him for the discharge of the duties of his office.

Description: The journal of the House of Representatives documents the proceedings in the chamber, including actions taken on bills, petitions and reports from committees read, and votes taken. The journals are not transcripts and therefore do not include floor speeches that are found in the modern Legislative Records.

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Language: English

Date: 1825

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