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34 [Governors Message]

ever be its patrons; the friends of that Government have only, in the incipient stages, to give to such power and such influence its proper direction, and the Government is invigorated by the application of its force. That direction we have every assurance is given in the institutions under the patronage of this State.

The laudable zeal recently manifested in various parts of our State in the establishment of societies for the promotion of Agriculture, cannot fail of resulting in the most beneficial effects in relation to either individual or general interest. while these associations afford the means of concentrating important information, the result of experiment and improvement, they also give facilities for its dissemination among the whole population of the State. In some parts of our country they have received legislative encouragement; with us I trust, they will ever be the object of individual support, and at a suitable period, should public sentiment justify it, of such public patronage as our resources may admit.

In consequence of the general revision of the laws, the last session of the Legislature Was of unusual length. I trust we shall be able to transact all the necessary business of the present session in a much shorter time. "Whatever aid, within my power, to dispatch the public business and to bring the session to a harmonious termination, will be afforded; and it will be my most anxious desire, and I have no doubt it will be yours, that the result of our united labours may conduce to the peace and security of our fellow-citizens. The situation of the financial concerns of the State, and several other subjects, which will claim your attention, will be reserved for a future communication. Blessed with a healthy climate, a good soil, and superior commercial advantages, "We have every reason to look forward to the high destinies of our State with pleasure. Our extensive territory will afford subsistence for a vast population; our large and lengthy rivers facilitate the intercourse between the Agricultural and Commercial portions of our citizens; and the almost innumerable sites suitable for the application of water power to machinery, combined with other favorable circumstances, hold out great inducements for the investment of capital by the manufacturer.

The prosperity of this rising State, its harmony at home, and its character and reputation abroad, should interest our warmest feelings. And while we discharge our duty to our country with fidelity, we have reason to be grateful that we form a portion of a country in which the soundest principles of Government have taken deep and permanent root; that those principles have recently been recognized here and engrafted into our Constitution, and still more recently re-examined by some of the elder members of our union, and again stamped with their approbation. They are principles, which our fathers incorporated in the Constitution of our country, and which, like ancient monuments, no honest statesman will approach but with reverence, will attempt to remove but from the most urgent necessity.

ALBION K PARRIS. Council Chamber January 5, 1822.

[to be printed.] on motion of Mr Burr Ordered that the same lie on the table & that five hundred copies be printed for the use of the members.

[Report on election of Robert Evans &c] Mr Williams from the committee on Elections reported that the allegations in the remonstrance of Thomas Herrick against the election of Robert Evans, the member returned from the class composed of Cornville, Athens, Harmony & Northhill are not satisfactorily proved and

Description: The journal of the House of Representatives documents the proceedings in the chamber, including actions taken on bills, petitions and reports from committees read, and votes taken. The journals are not transcripts and therefore do not include floor speeches that are found in the modern Legislative Records.

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Language: English

Date: 1822

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