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York County Proprietor's Record Book of Colonel Josiah Waters (29-314264-P021B.pdf)

�The following is Copy of a Petition Warrant + Notification

inserted in all the Boston News papers viz Province of Massachusetts Bay

To the Hon'ble Samuel Danforth Esq one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace throughout the Province above said

Humbly shew the Subscribers

Whereas there are two certain Tracts of Land lying in Common + undivided situate in the late Province of Maine, divided by the last Will + Testament of Bridget Phillips late of Boston Widow deceased, to her four Children Peleg Sanford Samuel Phillips William Phillips + Eliphae Shetton; the one of which Tracts was in 1661, purchased of Fluellin Sumptimus, an Indian then residing at Saco, extending from Saco Patent Bound Southward beyond Cape Porpoise River for Breadth, and from the Head of Wells + Cape Porpoise Head, up into the Country to his furthest Extent (excepting the Town of Sanford included within the said Bounds which hath been already divided.) The other of the said Tracts is the said Bridget divided to her four Children aforesaid: The whole of said Tract extending from the West End of Saco River up into the Country from the Sea up to Salmon Falls Eight Miles or thereabout from the River mouth, + South to the Swan Pond, and from thence Southwest to Cape Porpoise fishing Island and from thence to the Winter Harbour, + a certain Neck of Land, + the Island belonging thereto, or however other wise the said Tract of Land may be bounded: The Subscribers being with diverse other Persons Proprietors of the said Tract of Land , pray that your Honor would be pleased to grant a Warrant for the calling a meeting of the said Proprietors to be holden at Vernon Head in Boston on Wednesday the fourteenth day of June next at five

Description: Proprietor's Record Book (1768-1807), York County, District of Maine, belonging to Colonel Josiah Waters of Boston and referencing estate of Bridget Phillips of Boston.

See map relating to estate of Bridget Phillips from same Record Book (314264-I002).

The land which comprises the present town of Waterboro was originally a part of a large tract of land which was purchased by Major William Phillips who died in Boston in 1683. By his last will, he bequeathed his lands to his widow Bridget and sons Samuel and William. Under the Wills of his sons, the title to the territory passed to 10 Proprietors, one of whom was Col. Josiah Waters, and for whom the town was named. Josiah Waters purchased most of the land from the other nine proprietors. The remainder of the land was divided into lots and sold to settlers.

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Language: English

Date: 1768-1807

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