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York County Proprietor's Record Book of Colonel Josiah Waters (29-314264-P010B.pdf)

�case the Claimants under the Shapleighs will join with them to submit their Claims to the determination of the Com ttee so far as respects the Lands they claim below the Little Ossapee -- The Commission apprhend as Judge Sewall informs us that by their Commission they have the power to Settle the Boundaries betwee the Common

wealth and the Claimants under Phillips + the Claimants under

those two proprietors provided they will submit the matter to them and Mr Sewall informs us that you are very Solicitous to have the Matter Settled and are fully informed by the Shapleys as their Agent to Submit the Affair to their decision - We must earnestly request therefore that you would come to Boston immediately, that you may as Agent for the Shapleys join with the proprietors of Land under Bridget Phillips in having these Claims settled during the present Session of the General Assembly, we are of opinion we shall never have a better opportunity and if we miss of it perhaps shall never be favored with such another -- If your Health will not admit of you Coming to Boston we desire you would in writing inform the Com ttee to Settle the Boundaries between the Commonwealth and the Shapleys + between the Shapleys + the Claimants under Phillips - at the same time you will suggest in writing to the Com ttee all you have to say in reference of the Claimants under the Shapleys but we think the hearings will be more friendly + effectively one by your being present than otherways + therefore desire that no little matter may prevent your Attendance + that immediately -- You will bring with you, or


Description: Proprietor's Record Book (1768-1807), York County, District of Maine, belonging to Colonel Josiah Waters of Boston and referencing estate of Bridget Phillips of Boston.

See map relating to estate of Bridget Phillips from same Record Book (314264-I002).

The land which comprises the present town of Waterboro was originally a part of a large tract of land which was purchased by Major William Phillips who died in Boston in 1683. By his last will, he bequeathed his lands to his widow Bridget and sons Samuel and William. Under the Wills of his sons, the title to the territory passed to 10 Proprietors, one of whom was Col. Josiah Waters, and for whom the town was named. Josiah Waters purchased most of the land from the other nine proprietors. The remainder of the land was divided into lots and sold to settlers.

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Language: English

Date: 1768-1807

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