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1842 Documents Relating to the Controversy Between Alabama, Georgia, and Maine [Atticus case] (Committee-report-inexpedient-1842-01-24-213232-F009-I001-P001.pdf)

State of Maine.

The Committee on the Judiciary to which was referred Resolves relating to the communication from the General Assembly of Alabama concerning the matter between Georgia and Maine

have had the same under consideration, and ask leave to Report, that legislation on that subject is inexpedient.

Philip Eastman Chairman.

In Senate, Jan 22 1842

Read and accepted.

Sent down for concurrence.

Ian [?] Haskell Secretary.

In House of Representatives, Jan 24 1842

Read and concurred.

Wm. T. Johnson Clerk.

Description: Documents relating to the controversy between Alabama, Georgia, and Maine regarding fugitive slaves. [Atticus case]

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Language: English

Date: 1842

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