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1841 [Draft] Report of the Judiciary Committee Upon the Controversy Between Georgia and Maine [Senate Doc 27, 21st Legislature] (Judiciary-Committee-report-Atticus-213232-F009-I005-P001.pdf)

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The Judiciary Committee, to which

were referred the Resolutions of the Gen- eral Assembly of Alabama, transmitted by the Governor, [? ] the Controversy between the States of Georgia and Maine relating to the refusal of the latter to deliv- er up certain persons charged with offen- ses against the laws of Georgia, have had the same under consideration, and respectfully ask leave to make the following report.

That they are duly

Handwritten report of the Judiciary Committee in response to the request by Georgia for the extradition of Captain Philbrook and Edward Killerun to answer to the charge of slave-stealing in the Atticus case. Includes annotations.

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Language: English

Date: 04-1841

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