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1863-03-08 Correspondence from Isabella Fogg (Maine Sanitary Commission) to J.W. Hathaway regarding condition of soldiers (Fogg-F013-I002.pdf)

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Stoneman's Station Near Falmouth [Virginia] 8th March / 63

Mr. Hathaway,

It is about time that we should report our doings to you again. Since my last communication the state of the roads has been such as to impede the progress of our work to some extent. We have however visited the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 16th, 17th regiments of Infantry, the 2nd & 5th Batteries, & the Maine Cavalry. We also sent some fruit to the sick of the 7th Maine, and hope to visit that Regiment soon - We find an improvement in the general condition & health of the Regiments, which has no doubt been promoted by the favorable change in the rations, giving them much greater variety, also various sanitary movements,

such as company cooks &c - Some of the hospitals too have been much improved in the internal arrangement - We have thought it might be well to give a statement of the amount distributed since my last report. We have aimed to make a fair division of these supplies, so that each regiment should receive it's true proportions & we keep a list of all the articles distributed with the date of distribution which can be referred to at any time. Since the 7th of Feb'y comprising a period of one month (nearly one week of which we were in Washington) we have carried, & as far as possible, placed in the hands of the sick men, given them information that they would receive it, or given to the Hospitals the following articles. 12 shirts 6 dressing gowns

70 pr drawers 13 cases meat 165 pr socks 22 cans con. milk 68 pr mittens 44 papers farina & corn starch 24 doz. hankerchiefs 30 papers broma & cocoa 36 quilts 35 doz lemons 30 pillows 10 doz oranges 70 towels 1 barrel dried apples 11/2 doz hos. caps 2 barrels green apples 8 prs slippers 1 barrel crackers 9 doz nutmegs 2 bottles blackberry brandy 2 nutmeg graters 1 bottle blackberry syrup 5 bottles brandy 1 bottle cherry rum 10 doz combs 4 bottles raspberry vinegar 14 jars jelly 2 bottles ketchup 9 jars marmalade 1 jar pickles 4 bottles currant wine 1 jar strawberry 3 bottles elderberry wine 1 jar cranberry 2 bottles port wine - 2 bottles tamarinds 1 box herring 4 bottles cologne 3 quarts sago 6 dozen figs

3 quarts tapioca 4 1/2 doz - eggs

21 pounds stripped fish 4 lbs soap 5 lbs butter black pepper

1 box guava jelly cayenne pepper 10 lbs tea candy, lozenges & peppermint

Other articles have been distributed such as second hand clothing for discharged men, also as we are situated near the 20th, we prepare many articles of diet, & carry to them - In many Regiments we have found their necessities required the articles that we had it in our power to bestow, and in every case we have met with a hearty reception, and are more than ever convinced of the importance of the Camp Relief Association -

Yours respectfully -

H. Eaton I. Fogg

Letter from Isabella Fogg, founder of the Maine Sanitary Commission, to Colonel J.W. Hathaway regarding the improved condition of soldiers due to greater variety of rations and sanitary improvements in the hospitals.

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Language: English

Date: 3-8-1863

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