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1863-02-26 Correspondence from Isabella Fogg (Maine Sanitary Commission) to G.W. Dyer regarding condition of 20th Maine Regiment soldiers (Fogg-F013-I001-P004.pdf)

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you will not deem an apology necessary for calling your attention to these facts,

I remain very respectfully yours,

Isabella Fogg.

[Inscribed in another hand at bottom margin:]

Mrs Isabella Fogg. a/ [?] Feb 26. 63. Complains of Quartermaster of 20th

Description: Letter from Isabella Fogg, founder of the Maine Sanitary Commission, to G.W. Dyer regarding the condition of soldiers from the 20th Maine Regiment, expressing her concern about maltreatment and abuse of the soldiers by an officer.

"I am aware that many would say that it is no part of the duty of a lady to interfere in these matters, but, if I know my duty, I think it is to look after the interests of our sick men and when I know them to be maltreated and abused I feel it a duty to make it known, more especially as I learn there are steps being taken to give this miscreant a situation in some other of our Maine Regiments, solely for the purpose of getting rid of an officer so utterly void of all good principles... This officer is none other than the Quartermaster, a more wicked, profane, cruel, unprincipled man I think could not be found in the State of Maine."

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Language: English

Date: 2-26-1863

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