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Senate Journal 1820-21 (30-28907-P031A.pdf)


[Petition of Selectmen of Winthrop] Orders of the House committing the petitions of the Selectmen of Winthrop; of the Inhabitants of the Southernmost part of North Yarmouth to the committee on incorporation of towns, came up for concurrence. Read & concurred.

[Letter of acceptance from A. Ware Esq.] Letter of Asher Ware Esqr accepting the office of Secretary of State, was Recd, Read & sent down.

[Committee on Subject of Treasurer Bond] Order of the House appointing Messrs Emery of Portland McIntire of York & Estes of Westbrook with such as the Senate may join, a committee to decide what bond shall be given by the Treasurer of the State for the performance of the duties of his office, with leave to report by bill or otherwise came up for concurrence. Read & concurred & Messrs Moody & Potter joined.

[Direction to Committee on Betterment law] An Order directing the committee who have under consideration the subject of the Betterment Law, so called, to consider what relief can be afforded to such settlers as have entered upon lands under bonds from the proprietors, the conditions of which bonds, have not been complied with by said settlers, came up for concurrence. Read & concurred.

[Petition of Assessor of Cornville] An Order of the House committing the petition of Assessors of Cornville to the committee who have under consideration the expediency of adopting an uniform system or mode of taxation, came up for concurrence, Read & concurred.

[Committee on the subject of qualifying State Officers] Ordered that Messrs Moody & Potter with such as the House may join, be a committee to consider what authority the Legislature will prescribe to qualify the Secretary & Treasurer & other State offices not provided for by the constitution, came up concurred & Messrs Smith of Wiscasset, Elden of Buxton & Legro of Lebanon joined.

Description: The Journal of the Senate documents the proceedings in the chamber, including actions taken on bills, petitions and reports from committees read, and votes taken. The journals are not transcripts and therefore do not include floor speeches that are found in the modern Legislative Records.

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Language: English

Date: 1820-1821

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