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School register and receipts for supplies for Passamaquoddy school at Peter Dana's Point (29-335864-F025-I003-P001.pdf)

SCHOOL REGISTER FOR 1861-62. By a law of the State, the following blank, "perperly filled up, completed and signed," must be deposited with the School Committee, or some one designated by the Committee to receive it, before the teacher shall be entitled to more pay for his services.

1. Name of the Town, Peter Danas Point Ind. Township 2. Number of the District, One 3. Name of the Agent, Speonard Peabody 4. Name of the Teacher, Thomas J Callagan 5. When the School commenced, June 24 6. When the School closed, Sept 24 7. Length of the School in weeks and tenths of a week, (5 days in a week,) twelve 8. Whole number of Scholars in the District 19 9. Whole number of Scholars attending School, 19 10. Average number attending, 14 11. How many in Winter School did not attend in Summer, 12. Wages of Teacher, Thirty Dollars 13. Price of Teacher's board per week, 14. List of books used in School: Arithmetic Greenleafs; Grammar  ; Geography, Colton D Fitch Reading Town + Colbrooks, Dictionar  ; U.S. History, Other books, Progressive Speller I believe this Register to be correctly filled. (Signed,) Thomas J Collagan Teacher

REMARKS. The teacher will learn from the agent the exact number of scholars having their legal residence in the district, whether living at home at the time or not. The teacher will find it necessary to note the attendance and absence of pupils in half days, in a memorandum from which he will fill up his Register at the close of his school, reducing the whole weeks and tenths. To find the average attendance, add the column of "days present," and divide the sum by the whole number of days in the session. CHARACER, P.D.I. - PUNCTUALITY, DEPORTMENT, IMPROVEMENT. It is only recommended, not required, that teachers keep a careful account of the punctuality, deportment, and iimprovement of each pupil, for the information of the Committee, using such dscriptive terms or numbers as they may please, or the Committee direct, to indicate the character of the pupils in the several respects named. Male teachers reckon their wages by the month, female teachers by the week. It is recommended that Teachers, at the close of each term, make a written Report to the Supervisor or Committee, of the condition and progress of their schools.

Description: Receipt for payment to Thomas Callagan for three month's service teaching school June 24-September 24, 1861

School register and receipts for supplies for Passamaquoddy school at Peter Dana's Point

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Language: English

Date: 1861

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