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Notes about Damariscotta. (Page 1)

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(D'sta.-99) Harry Marr Shipyard Damariscotta Case 2

Swastika, 8 " square stenciled on door of building. Has been protected by covering with a board

This yard has been building 86 foot beam trawler, practically ready to be launched. Owner, –Jack Barbara (Captain) Italian, 14 Beach Court, Gloucester, Mass.

(D'sta-99) Round Pond case 1

Within past 6 months Swastika cut in large spruce tree on high hill overlooking broad Atlantic and easily visible with glass from bay. Guide, –S.J. Riscock Round Pond.

(G-2) Ellsworth-Pembroke One Li, claims is Chinese, Columbia University, N.Y.C., making survey of mineral deposits. First reported at Ellsworth and Bluehill. Since at Pembroke (7/19/40) Source, –J.H. Perkins Wayne.

L-file Rangeley.

New Jersey license E 999 1940. Mr and Mrs Charles F. Krauter, Glen Ridge, N.J. registered as overnight guests at Lakemont Farm, Charles R. Tobie, prop. on Tuesday, July 23. Carried coil of fine wire. Made several trips into house attic during night.

Description: Notes on four instances in Damariscotta. Two involving Swastika graffiti. One on a Chinese student, and one a suspicious couple.

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