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Suffrage Petition Corinna Maine, 1917 (corinna1.pdf)

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PETITION TO THE VOTERS of the Town or City of.................................

We the undersigned, women of voting age, respectfully petition you to vote in favor of Woman Suffrage at the special election on September 10, 1917:



Miss Ruby L. Titcomb Mrs. Alice M. Macomber Mrs. Ethel Burrill Mrs. Belle Titcomb Miss Hannah L. Bowler Miss Velma J. Pitcher Mrs. Della M. Winchester Miss Della W. Veazie Mrs. Lena Ireland Mrs. Myrtie Day Miss Fannie Lewis Mrs. Edna E. Hutchins Mrs. Clara B. Whitney Mrs. Ethel B. Clark Mrs. Ellen Knowles Bess A. D. Morrison Mrs. Gertrude Nutter Mrs. Annie Davis Scott Mrs. Jeanette Sprague Mrs. Hattie Burrill Mrs. Hattie R. Fisher Mrs. Harriette B. Smith Mrs. Helen F. Winchester Mrs. Elizabeth E. Knowles Mrs. Edith M. D. Knowles Miss Lois Knowles Mrs. Amy D. Knowles Mrs. Ellen C. Dearborn Mrs. Alberta C. Emery Mrs. Gladys B. Titcomb Florine Hathaway Mrs. Manette Wentworth Mrs. Lou M. Hutchins Mrs. Carrie C. Redman Mrs. Hattie McVety Mrs. Winifred R. Dickens Marian J. Fisher Grace B. Sands Miss Christine E. Worthen Mrs. Mary Worthen Mrs. Florence A. Knowles Mrs. Mabel B. Veazie Miss Evelyn Trickey Mrs. Mary P. Young Mrs. Jennie Young Miss Faye F. Young Mrs. Nellie I. Trickey Miss L. Hattie Morton



Mrs. Della M. Jones Mrs. Elida J. Welch Mrs. Addie Kimball Mrs. Mollie K. Moses Miss Edith E. Entiekin Mrs. Mabel G. Church Mrs. Laura E. Jones Mrs. Eleanor F. N. Briggs Dr. Charlotte A. Rollins Mrs. Rose B. Milliken Mrs. Gladys Hopkins Mrs. Hattie Micue Mrs. Abbie B. Binton [struck through] Burton Mrs. Harriett S. Dearborn Miss Ruth E. Kimball Alice M. Lauder [struck through] Lander Mrs. Edna Simpson Mrs. Clara Lauder [struck through] Lander Miss Mabel Knowles Mrs. Susie Knowles Mrs. Laura Banks Mrs. Mary Jane Moore Mrs. Addie H. Libby Mrs. Ellen L. Tewksbury Mr. C. T. Tewksbury Mrs. Arlien Tewksbury Mrs. Helena Leighton Mrs. Rose L. Tibbitts Miss Elsie Knowles Mrs. Nellie Simpson Mrs. Nettie V. Gardner [struck through] Mrs. Nettie V. Gardner Mrs. Effie A. Jones Mrs. Ermina M. Flagg Mrs. Addie F. Johonnat Mrs. Carrie K. Ross Mrs. Nellie Nutter Mrs. Luba [struck through] Lula K. Foss Mrs. Minerva Bigelow Mrs. Bertha Ireland Ruth A. Jones Mrs. Pearl Cougle Mrs. Liona Miller Alberta P. Shepherd Mrs. Clara E. Tibbetts Mrs. Minnie A. Brown Mrs. Izetta Ordway Mrs. Grace Bell




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Language: English

Date: 1917

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