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Indian Lives and Anecdotes ca. 1886 - 1941 part 11 (ms158_b3f003_011.02.pdf)

A-NUM-SUNK-HUN-OUN Was the Name of the Island " ' hle h the Penob8cots Sold - I t is Now Oldtown.

Wc were shown last week the copy of a vel'y ancient dced from the Penobscot tlibe of ludians to John Mal'sh, Jr., in whidl it appeal's 1 hat in ,Tilly ri9a, a eOlllmittee of said tribe, con s i~ting of .Jo~t'ph P .. or MeMann. Sockaheema and Jost'lJh l'is,'IIU. conveys to said Ma;s h II et'rtaill pareel of land ealled A-nuIII-sU1;khun-gun I ~lallLl, in t'on~ideration of thirty bushel!! of )!ood" Indian cor", to be delivered in the pres 'nCll of one Jere Colhurn. This Island,r',r which this falmlous "um waR paid, was none other than Marsh island. whue Oldtown now stands and which ,n t,erlitory compri:oes ahout 'one- i sixth of Orono, or the portiol1 known I'S , the i"land sidt~. a. ,d about one-fourth of j the terdtory of Oltltown, incluui ,'g the entire villa~e; also the 1"land side of I Upper Stillwater ami Greatworks, as well as that part of 01'Ono kuown as Web~ter. On the fifth Mnd twelfth dars of the following October, a council of chiefs was held at the hOl1~e of Hobert Treat, Esq" to ratify the salol. whit·1J was done with gn"at [OJ'mali Y fifter due d,·liberation, and the chic fs pach affixed to his namp, which was written byanOl.her hi" pl'culiar mark, The \\ itne~~es we r~ Rohert Treat. Jere Colburn and Z, Mal'sh . .The .. hief" were 0I'OUO, the bille-evp<l chief f .... wholll Oro"" is lIallled. Esqilire AUling. Non-o-wau !!U,,'tt anti i::locktolIIah. MallY of the lineal desc. ·udallts of J"hn lIhll··h 11lld Jt're Colllul'D s liil live ill Ol'ono, whe e 1l0.lIe members of Mr. eelbnl'l1's falllily SI)eut a part of the year 1774.



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Description: Pages from Fannie Hardy Eckstorm's notebook 10 (X)

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Language: English

Date: ca. 1886 - 1941

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