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Indian Lives and Anecdotes ca. 1886 - 1941 part 10 (ms158_b3f003_010.01.pdf)

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Words. given by Clara Francis - (about 1889

Ahlermbaguenósis. pl. Ahlermbeguenoseésuc The little people who live under the water. Probably spelled Alumbaguenosis but pronounced as above alumbague - (under the water) no [underlined] (signifying, a person) sis (little).

Pamólā (pronounced by Clara bamólā) the giant

Marjee hóndu - bad spirit, devil.

Mitcha-haut, says Leland 117. "Major Hindoo", my grandmother used to say, using it often as an exclamation. She got it from Indian servants

No-ta-la - Come get me ho-ta-la-ne - Come get two of us Nehé kasáteberé - cooking's ready.

Description: Pages from Fannie Hardy Eckstorm's notebook 10 (X)

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Language: English

Date: ca. 1886 - 1941

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