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Indian Lives and Anecdotes ca. 1886 - 1941 part 7 (ms158_b3f003_007.09.pdf)

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{Dr. Joe's nickname was Kaoosee - oolahkoosee, "cow's entrails, because when small he stole cow's entrails from a slaughter house. He had many daughters, one son. His dau. Marie Soccabesin married Chequoddis who was killed in Dirigo Mill She was a drinking woman, "Bad" says Clara.}

'Poof!', den gone down, come up 'gain, say 'Poof!' He lives in water, keep his oil cool. So good oil. Seal he fish too. He loll round on locks, say 'Wah! Wah!' like one dog. Stay in sun. Get his oil hot, so his oil sticky."

Dr. Joe was the man who wanted a receipt from Squire Johnson so that when he died & they wanted to know when he went to Heaven if he had payed Squire Johnson he shouldn't have to "lun lound all over Hell find Squire Johnson. The retort was made in open court & Squire Johnson never heard the last of it.

"What are dose eer oil?" (pointing to a bottle of oil of pennyroyal.) "Had'n been for dose eer oil e'en a most mosquitos had kill us. Oh, Manry, you ought seen some dose winter bark! Much as so 'tick (a finger's width) winter bark ever you see. Took my son Nicola, & two men & horse & wagon t'ree days get out dose bark. Hot? Oh, my soul, e'en a mos' mosquitos eet 'em up.

"Mosquitos when you were getting out winter bark? How's that?" You see, Manry, somebody found um tree fork so (1st & 2nd fingers) and cut em down with forks only peel me, so me get nices' winter bark never you see." An impossibility as a tree cut so would not peel when dry -

Description: Pages from Fannie Hardy Eckstorm's notebook 10 (X)

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Language: English

Date: ca. 1886 - 1941

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