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Indian Lives and Anecdotes ca. 1886 - 1941 part 5 (ms158_b3f003_005.11.pdf)

[Entire page struck through with two penciled lines]

On the Derivation of Indian Proper Names.

[In pencil:] There is a list in the back of Petermale's [?] good book 1 v.

Soccabasin or Sockbasin = St. Sebastien (?)

Cobliel |through forms Sobisb, Sobriel, Cobriel, Gabriel | = Gabriel

Sopiel or Sapiel = St Paul or [struck through] St Peter (?) Xavier!

Attean, Attian, Atean = Etienne, Stephen

Clossiau or Glasseau

Piel = Pierre, Peter

Sebattis, Sobattis = St. Baptiste or St. Sebastien ?

Toma, Tomer = Thomas

Necola, Nicolai = Nicholas


Noel, fr. French Nonel or Noel (Nonel being in old French four

Tellis Annis = Phyllis Agnes (?) Teresa Agnes Anna [all five names struck through, then in pencil:] Teresa Agnes

Eneas = Ignace

Lola = Loyola [struck through] Laurence

Mitchel = Michel, Michael

Orson = Uzzah, John. Maliseet Hosannis = Samis [?]

Swason (Is it connected with Orson) Swan = St John [struck through] Swassin = Joachim (Maeta)

Dana, Denne, Denny = Dennis, Denys

Susep, the spoken, Josab, the written form of Joseph

Uzzah, with mouth open like a French nasal, & voice raised Uzzah) = John. Have they any other name for John

Description: Pages from Fannie Hardy Eckstorm's notebook 10 (X)

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Language: English

Date: ca. 1886 - 1941

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