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Letter to William King from Lee Oct 3 1811 (lee oct 3 1811 p1.pdf)

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[Penciled at head of page:] Lee

My Dear Sir Augusta Oct 3. 1811

Having been informed from a source that I cannot but think may be depended upon, but from whom I am not at liberty to mention at this time, that a representation has been made by Judge Cook to the Gov. charging me with, want of integrity, with [inserted] corruption & negligence in my official conduct as District Attorney, as well as on the bench, & of making use of my said [?] official character to the injury & defamation not only of the administration of this State, but also of the United States - & that the Gov has been induced to say that if he could but be made satisfied of the truth of these suggestions, he should feel it his duty to lend his aid to my immediate removal - As I know that every insinuation of this kind is an infamous falsehood fabricated by a man who will never omit to stoop to any means to obtain his but as it respects the District Attorney's office, if I em to be removed for cause [two underlined]end, I should wish to know the extent of such false charges, that I might at least expose his vilany - I have thought I might trouble you with this letter, & request the favour, if you should have a convenient opportunity, to endeavor to ascertain the extent & probable effects that his Slander has had, or may have? what his charges or insinuations are? & whether there is any other evidence forwarded thro [?] his own declarations? & if any what? As it respects this State appointment I consider it no sort of consequence. I never expected or wished for any thing [entire phrase inserted] but if I am to be removed for cause [two underlined], I really wish to know the cause [two underlined] - if you can develop this business, you will add to the many favours, & acts of friendship that you have so often exhibited toward me - I feel confidence that you will readily do whatever you can - & I can not but believe that Cook's influence is not to bear down all before it. I wish you not to let any person know that I have written you, & that you would burn this letter - I am with great esteem yours indeed Silas Lee


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Language: English

Date: 10-3-1811

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