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Letter to William King from Glidden Aug 28 1812 (glidden aug 28 1812 p1.pdf)

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[Penciled at top of page:] Glidden Aug. 28, 1812

Mr. William King

Sir, permit me to inquire, whether it would be in your power to assist me in obtaining such an education as I am otherwise unable to pursue. This request Sir, may at first view, appear surprising to you, and rather degrading to the spirits of a man, who has a spark of ambition to try to excell in what he undertakes to learn. But when you know my situation in life, it may possibly appear a pardonable request.

I humbly confess I am not worth a farthing, excepting my books. I began 3 years ago, to attend to study, with not enough to pay the expences of one quarters schooling; have, by instructing schools to defray expences, prosecuted scientific pursuits to such an extent as I presume, would entitle me to an admittance, into any of the neighbouring universities. But without the liberal patronage of some person, you readily perceive Sir, I cannot become the graduate of any College.


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Language: English

Date: 8-28-1812

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