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Senate Journal 1836


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-ferred the same to the next Legislature and requested the concurrence of the Senate. The Senate reconsider their vote passing said Resolve to be engrossed and refer the same to the next Legislature in concurrence.

Bill to incorporate the Frankfort Mercantile Wharf Company,

"   concerning stud horses,

" to incorporate the Calais Steam Boat Company, severally read the second time and passed to be engrossed in concurrence.

Petition of Moses Chandler and others, praying that authority may be given to the Administrator of the estate of the late Gen. John P. Boyd to make conveyance of certain real estate in the town of Milton -- read and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary in concurrence.

Petition of Arial Wall to be remunerated for his time and expenses and loss of his horse while employed in apprehending certain Counterfeiters in the town of Mexico -- read and referred to the next Legislature, in concurrence.

Bill to incorporate the Ellsworth Bank was taken up -- And the question of passing the same to be engrossed was decided in the affirmative by yeas and nays, as follows to wit;

YEAS, Messrs Benson, Fish, Frye, Jarvis, Jewett, Johnson, Kelsey, McIntire, Pierce, Severance, Spear, and Talbot -------------------------12.

NAYS Messrs Allen, Clark, Greene, Latham, Manter, Milton, Purington, Staples, Strickland, & Swift ------------- 10.

Sent down for concurrence.