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Senate Journal 1836


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Tuesday, March 8, 1836.

The following orders came up from the House of Representatives, which were read and passed in concurrence, to wit, Directing the Committee on the Judiciary to take into consideration the expediency of so altering the present laws that they will more effectually protect real estate against intrusion thereon and consequent loss of property to its owners - Instructing the Committee on the Judiciary to inquire into the expediency of repealing a law passed March 16, A.D. 1830, entitled an act to prevent the destruction of Moose and Deer - Directing the Secretary of State to cause to be printed, forthwith three hundred copies of the act passed at the present session of the Legislature entitled "an act concerning Corporations," and cause the same to be distributed among the members of the Legislature - Instructing the Committee on Rail Roads and Canals to inquire into the expediency of so altering or amending the general law regulating Rail Roads as to require said Corporations to transport the United State's Mail for a fair compensation, when requested by the Post Master General.

Petition of James S Holmes and others praying for the location of a road from Bangor to Moosehead Lake - read and referred to the Committee on Roads and Bridges, in concurrence.

Remonstrance of Joseph Hotland and others against the Umbagog Dam Company - read and