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Senate Journal 1836


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167. Petition of Jonathan Greene and others; -"- of Silas Barnard and others praying for alteration of law regulating Mill and flowage -severally read and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary in concurrence,

Petition of Benjamin Shaw and others, praying to be incorporated into a Company by the name of the Frankfort Marine Railway Company; Petition of Uriah Bailey and others, praying for a Rail Road from Franklin to township No. 15. in Hancock County -severally read and referred to the Committee on Rail Roads and Canals in concurrence,

Petition of Oliver Crowell and others, praying for alteration of law relating to Mills; -"- of Benjamin Wiggin Jr. praying for a charter to construct a Canal to Molechuckanuck Lake with Black Brook in Township 6. on the Androscoggin waters; -"- of Benjamin Woodman and others in aid of William Woodman's petition for a Boom on the Passadumkeag River; Remonstrance of David Neal and others against the petition of George Williamson and others for a Ferry at Gardiner -severally read and referred to the Committee on Interior Waters in concurrence.