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House Journal 1836


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Afternoon. Met according to adjournment.

On motion of Mr Soule of Freeport, Ordered That the Committee on Pay Roll, make up the Pay Roll of the House of Representatives, for the travel and attendance of its members to the thirty first instant inclusive.

Bill - An Act additional concerning highways was read 1st & 2d time & Monday next at 10 oclock assigned for a 3d reading.

Leave to Withdraw was granted in concurrence Petition of A.R. Mitchell 7 others - - Timothy Goldthwait - - Moses Chandler & others -

Report on an order relative to the License Laws - - on an order relative to the assessment & collectors of taxes - - O an order relative to Sheriffs & Dept Sheriffs leaving an abstract of fees with debtors & that Legislation is inexpedient, were severally read and accepted in concurrence.

Orders of Notice were reported on Petition of William Delesdernier & others - - Louis Houdlette & others - - Luther Dana & others - - John S. Barrows & others - - Solomon Dennison & others - and accepted in concurrence.

Leave to withdraw - was granted in concurrence on Petition of Clark Clements & others -

Report on the Order relative to altering the general