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House Journal 1836


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244 factures - Sent up for concurrence.

Petition of Marshall S Hogar & others to be incorporated as the Livingston Academy - was read and referred to the Committee on Literature &c in concurrence with the Senate.

The Committee on the Judiciary on the order of the 2d instant in relation to the expediency of requiring Presiding Officers of Cities, Towns &c to read at the annual meetings in Sept the 3d Section of an act entitled an additional Act regulating elections reported that legislation is inexpedient - and the report was accepted. Sent up for concurrence.

Report on the petition of John K Smith & others -

- of Nathan Phillips & others -

- of Timothy C Ward & others - referring the same to the next Legislature, was read & accepted in concurrence.

Report on the petition of Elisha Pettingall & others - - of Russell Blackwell & others - granting Order of Notice, were severally read & accepted in concurrence.

The Committee on engrossed Bills reported as truly engrossed - Bill - An Act defining certain rights & duties of Rail Road Corporations - - An Act to establish the Phipsburg Coal Company - - An Act additional for the more effectually ascertaining the quality of Pot & Pearl Ashes and regulating the Inspectors fees - - An Act to incorporate the Portland Enhance Compy - An Act to incorporate the Hancock and Penobscot Rail Road Company which were severally passed to be enacted. Sent