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House Journal 1836


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Messenger shall not admit more than fifteen. Grocery confectioners or common dollars to traffic in the lobby of the house.

Petitions of James Irish + others for a rail road

       }from great falls to Portland of Ether Thepley + others for a rail road from.
                  }Portland through Loco to New Hampshire line.

Of Deodat Brastow + others for a rail road from

           }Bucksport to Brewer, Eddington Milfore on Penobscot River.

Of Charles Cummings + others for a rail road

           }from Belfast to Lolon+ from thence to the Canada line-

Of Isaac Meovill + others for a rail road

         }From Great falls, through Westbrook
        } Learboro, Buxton, crossing Laco River
        }near Salmon falls village to Portland.

Of John Fuller + others for a Canal on rail road

      }From the Iowa Daybrook river to the Penobscot river.

Severally read refereed to the committee on rail roads+ canals. Sent up for concurrence.

Petitions of William Hammett + others to be incorporated

     { for the manufacture of iron in Mt. Desert-
     of  Enock Paine + others to be incorporated as a milling Manufacturing company.
       {Of William Carleton + others to be incorporated by the name of the Goose river Manufacturing company.
      {Of Alfred Marshall + others to be incorporated as the China team mill company.
      { of William Sheeman + others to be incorporated as the salt water falls company.
    { Of John H. Javors + others to be incorporated