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House Journal 1836


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[29] Messrs OBrien Warren Ames Prospect Boardman Isleboro } of the House

On Accounts

Messrs Robinson Clark Weeks } of the Senate

Messrs Mildram of Wells Dillingham Turner Buxton North Yarmouth Davis Mount Vernon Reynolds Garland Millet Norway Batchelder Litchfield } of the House

On Paris Messrs Allen Latham Spear } of the Senate

Messrs Wilson of Bingham Goodwin Brownfield Stuart Scarboro Smith Newbury Reed Phippsburg Cook Waterboro' Jordan Raymond } of the House

On claims Messrs Staples Talbot Kelsey } of the Senate

Messrs Woodman of Wilton Maxwell of Poland Rollins Nobleboro Faber Vassalboro Gage East Pond Planta. Bunker Cranberry Isle Chase York