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House Journal 1836


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Messrs Shaw of Orono Stone Brunswick Bradbury Athens Garcelon Lewiston Maine Dearborne Cousins Lyman Whitney Calais

on the Militia

Merrs Strickland Fish Greene } of the Senate

Messrs Shaw of Sandford Eastman Strong Cunningham Swanvlle Sproule Waldoboro' Woodbury Minot Lake Bucksport Ricker Lebanon

On Agriculture Messrs McIntire Swift Mantor } of the Senate

Messrs Holmes of Winthrop Dam Newfield Waterhouse Danvile Manser Monroe Palmer Whitefield Taylor Porter Labaree Corinna } of the House

On Manufactures Messrs Frye MecIntire Jewell } of the Senate

Messrs Smith of Westbrook Thayer of Paris Chadbourne Limerick Tibbets Lisbon }of the House