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House Journal 1828


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  It is not to be anticipated that the deplorable event of a war with Great Britain may not occur again. If that melancholy result of human frailty shall be produced, the situation of Maine will require great resolution and activity. The concentration of the British forces with the views of dividing the Union, nu am occupation of New York, will not be attempted again, but the seaboard and the interior frontier of Maine will be the one a line of maritime invasion, and the other of excursions and incursions according to the emergencies relating to our defense. The effort will be probably to cut off this State, or at least, for this we ought to be prepared, so as not to admit any repetition here of such scenes as occurred during the last war. it would appear to be proper to solicit of the general government the erection of some strong fortresses on our interior frontier. Its own disposition, and the obvious utility of works so situated, in anticipation of others where the country is better guarded, would, it may be hoped, assure, to be a representation of this nature, a favorable recession