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House Journal 1828


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On motion of Mr. Kilby of Eastport, Ordered that the committee on the Judiciary take into considera tion the expediency of providing by law for State Paupers who have no lawful settlement in any town in this State + report read + passed. Sent up for concurrence.

The House assigned tomorrow at 10 oclock to consider the subject of the communication of the Secy of State made today in relation to the State Printing and the order before the House upon the same subject.

Message from the Governor

To the Senate + House of Representatives Joshua Carpenter Esquire having been duly con stituted under the Resolve of the ninth day of February, eighteen hundred + twenty seven, the Agent to expend the sum therein appropriated for the purpose of making and completing the road from the South line of Townships numbered two to the Mattanaw cook stream, as in the Resolve is described, I communicate for your consideration his report of proceedings, accompanied by a Plan and other documents relating to the discharge of his duties. [left column] Council Chamber Portland January 9th, 1828

[right column] Enoch Lincoln

The foregoing message with the accompanying Documents came from the Senate referred to the Messrs Williams + Washburne with such as the House may join and the House concurred +Messrs Vance of Baring, Gould of Sangerville + Patten of Hermon were joined.

Petition of Mark Andrews +als of Augusta for a Bank to be called the Central Bank with a capital of fifty thousand