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Senate Journal 1828


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ous as formerly. Many of the measures adopted by the federal government seriously affect the welfare of our constituents. It is undoubtedly a principle of that government to cherish not only the rights & interests of individuals, considered as units in the nation, but those of the States. It seems to be impossible to determine all the cases in which the whole body politic of any of these States, in representing its interests should be considered, as advancing into federal territory, over other words to settle the precise line where the State may go without intrusion. Hence the difficulty as to recent transaction relative to our boundary, But we may at least advertisement our Senators and Representatives and if you shall find anything in history or contemplation particularly interesting here, as to our commerce, or other objects affected, or to be affected by national regulation your combined wisdom mill be relied upon to state to Congress or the proposed authority of the union, or to the agents of this State employed at Washington, all that your sense of the mature of the ease may dictate. It would not probably be a surprising remark if in a future age, it shall be said by history, that the States, in the particulars above referred to, had suffered through their own negligence , that trusting to that benevolence which intends to apply the national proved [?] to good purposes they should have found those objects they contemplate for common welfare sometimes projected by novelty [?] and occupied by lawless ambition, the tariffs of duties as may be prescribed and regulated, occasionally conformed to a local interest: and the policy adopted as having lead to the result which mill draw forth reproaches as to consolidation of power in this confederacy.

Enoch Lincoln

Council Chamber Portland January 3.1828}