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Senate Journal 1828


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Friday February 8th, 1828

[Bill - Marriage]

Bill additional for regulating marriages and the orderly solemnization thereof, as amended,

[" taking alewives in Winslow Stream]

" to regulate the taking of alewives in Winslow's Stream and leaches stream in the town of Penobscot, as amended,

[" Kennebec Lumber association]

" to establish the Kennebec Lumber association, as amended,

[" Town of Bayleyville]

" to incorporate the town of Bayleyville, as amended,

[" Bangor Bridge]

" to incorporate the Proprietors if the Bangor Bridge, as amended,

[" Tax on Dogs]

Bill authorizing the town of Eastport to assess a tax on the owners of Dogs, as amended, were severally read a second time and passed to be engrossed, Sent down for concurrence,

[Pet. town of Warren]

Petition of the town of Warren concurring the inspection of lime was referred to the Committee on Manufactures in concurrence,

[" Jona. Strout]

Petition of Jonathan Strout and others Proprietors of the S.W. Bond bridge for a grant of land referred in the House to the Committee on Turnpikes. Bridges and Canals came up for concurrence & the Senate refuse.

[Report on order of Feby 6.-]

Mr Herrick from the committee on order of February 6th consider the expediency of fixing a minimum price below which certain townships and half townships of land appropriated for the erection of public buildings, reported that legal enactment on that subject is not expedient. Read and accepted sent down for concurrence. Concurred

[Bill - Maine a Separate State]

Mr Washburn from the committee on State Lands who had under consideration that part of the Governor's speech and recompanying Documents relating to the doings of the Commissioners under the Act of separation, reported Bill additional to provide for carrying into effect certain stipulations in the Act for erecting the Districts of Maine into separate State, and the same was read once and tomorrow 10 oclock assigned for a second reading;