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Senate Journal 1828


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Friday February 8th, 1828

[Bill - Marriage]

Bill additional for regulating marriages and the orderly solemnization thereof, as amended,

[" taking alewives in Winslow Stream]

" to regulate the taking of alewives in Winslow's Stream and leaches stream in the town of Penobscot, as amended,

[" Kennebec Lumber association]

" to establish the Kennebec Lumber association, as amended,

[" Town of Bayleyville]

" to incorporate the town of Bayleyville, as amended,

[" Bangor Bridge]

" to incorporate the Proprietors if the Bangor Bridge, as amended,

[" Tax on Dogs]

Bill authorizing the town of Eastport to assess a tax on the owners of Dogs, as amended, were severally read a second time and passed to be engrossed, Sent down for concurrence,