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Senate Journal 1828


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80 [left] Resolve State Road North of Bingham purchase [main] Resolve respecting the State Road North of the Bingham purchase was read once and this day as 12 oclock assigned for a second reading.

[left Order - Fees of Jurors [main] On motion by Mr. Williams, Ordered that the Committee on the Judiciary be instructed to inquire into the expediency of repealing an Act regulating the fees of Jurors passed February 22nd 1827 with leave to report by bill or otherwise. Sent down for concurrence. Concurred.

[left] Order - Laws relating to Highways [main] On motion by Mr. Parsons, Ordered that the Committee on the Judiciary be directed to inquire whether any alterations or additions are expedient to be made in the Law relating to making highways through unincorporated tracts townships and plantations. Sent down for concurrence. concurred

[left] On pet. of J. Mahan + als - Bill Port. Glass Man Co [main] Mr Weston from the Committee on Manufactures on the petition of John Mahan and others reported Bill to incorporate the Portland Glass Manufacturing Company and the same was read once and tomorrow 10 oclock assigned for a second reading. and [left] Leave to withdraw on pets. of E. Sargent+ als + of A. McLellan + als [main] leave for a Bill on the several petitions of Edward Sargent and others and of Alexander McLellan + others. Read and accepted. Sent down for concurrence. concurred.

[left] Resolve - J. Carpenter [main] Resolve in favor of Joshua Carpenter was taken up and the further consideration thereof postponed to Friday next 10 a.m.

[left] Order of 17 Jany Legislation on subject [?] Mr. Williams from the Committee on the Judiciary on order of January 17, respecting the expediency of providing by Law that all witnesses examined before Committees of the Legislature shall be first sworn. [left] order of Jany 18 [main] and on order of January 18th, respecting the expediency of increasing the compensation of witnesses in the Judicial courts.