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Senate Journal 1825


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171 [1825] [Bill] Bill authorizing the town of Gilead to build a toll Bridge over Wild River, was read a 2d time and committed to Messrs. Stebbins, Holland and Southwick.

[Report on Petitions] Mr. Parsons of L. from the Committee on petition of Samuel M. Pond, and on petition of John Wasson &als, reported that they severally have leave to bring in a Bill: Read, accepted and sent down for concurrence:

[Committee on providing by law that the Governor may carry the Indian Treaties into effect] On motion of Mr. Southwick, Ordered that Messrs. Southwick and Scammon, with such as the House may join, be a committee to take into consideration the expediency of providing by law, to authorize the Governor with advice of Council, to draw on the Treasurer for such sums as may be necessary to carry into effect the existing treaties with the Indians: Sent down for concurrence: concurred, and Messrs. Williams, Wingate and Humphrey were joined.

[Committee on Districting] Order of the House that the committee on New Trials be instructed to inquire into the expediency of annexing township No. 8 in the County of Oxford to the Representative district composed of the towns of Rumford, Andover and Woodstock, came up for concurrence: Read and concurred.

[Report on Petition] Mr. Green from the committee, on petition of the town of Hollis, reported that they have leave to withdraw their petition: Read, accepted and sent down for concurrence: concurred.

Mr. Parlin from the committee on petition of