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Senate Journal 1820-21


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Bill entitled "An Act for the prevention of Lotteries not authorized by law & to prohibit the sale & purchase of tickets in this State" "An Act to change the names of certain persons" "An Act for preventing abuses in distilling of Strong liquors with leaden heads & pipes" "An Act to establish a fund for the support of the ministry in the town of Poland & to authorize the sale of certain lands therein" "An Act respecting the offices & duties of the Attorney General & County attornies severally passed to be enacted

On Motion to raise the Committee on the part of the Senate provided for by an Order which passed the Senate on the 12th instant & the House in concurrence on the 13th instant to consider the subject of punishing convicts; the best establishment of a penitentiary; a plan of the proper buildings & appendages having in view any probably future enlargement of the same; an estimate of the expense including buildings, materials, implements, the government & support thereof; also the income & profits; the mode of dicipline [discipline], the character & effects, & generally the benefits to be expected & disadvantages to be apprehended from a penitentiary in Maine; report to be made at an earley [early] day of the next Legislature," the further consideration of the subject was indefinitely postponed. Sent down for concurrence

Resolve granting a pension to John Carlton having had two several readings passed to be engrossed as amended. Sent down for concurrence.

Resolves "authorizing the Secretary of State to purchase Stationary" "providing for the distribution of the laws which are or may be printed by the present Legislature" finally passed.