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House Journal 1836


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21. Saturday January 9th 1836

Met according to adjournment.

The Committee to which was referred the subject of the rules and orders of the House made a Report embracing the principal part of the existing Rules together with several additions and amendments which report was accepted - and thereupon on motion. Ordered, That the Clerk cause eight hundred copies of the Rules and Orders, together with the names of the members thereof, the number of their seats, the names of the Senate and the several officers of each House the name of the Governor & Council, and the Officers of the several Departments of the State Governments, with a list of the Standing Committees of the House, and of the Joint Standing Committees, be printed for the use of the Legislature - also - Ordered, That the Clerk cause two hundred & fifty Copies of the Rules and Orders ordered to be printed, to be preserved for the use of the members of the next Legislature.

Agreeably to assignment the two Houses met in Convention and proceeded by ballot to the election of seven Councillors to advise the Governor in the Executive Department of the Government the current political year - The whole number of votes given in, was One hundred & ninety five - Jabez Bradbury had one hundred & forty one - William Dunn one hundred & forty - Seth Labaree one hundred & forty - Joseph Johnson one hundred & forty - Charles Greene One hundred & forty two - John Burnham one hundred & thirty eight & Timothy Pillsbury one hundred & forty one - and they were