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Houlton Road. Read & passed.
Bill - An Act additional to an Act to incorporate the Casco & Kennebec Canal Company
was read 1st & 2d time & Wednesday next at ten oclock assigned for a third reading
Bill - An Act for the regulation of Inholders, Common Victuallers &c -
was read once and indefinitely postponed in concurrence.
Bill - An Act to incorporate the Wiscasset Birch Point Mill Company
- " " to incorporate the Perry Plaster Company
- " additional act to incorporate the Moosehead dam Company -
- " Act additional concerning highways -
- " act additional to an act to prevent fraud in Firewood, Bark or Coal exposed for sale -
- " Act authorizing the owners of Marsh or Back Creek, in the town of Woolwich to erect a Dike -
- " Act to incorporate the Pembroke Milling Company -
were severally read a third time and passed as amended to be engrossed. Sent up for concurrence.
Bill - An additional Act respecting pounds and impounding beasts going at large or damage feasant and stray Beasts
was read a third time and amended &


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