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Resolve in favor of George Brooks 296,302,353
Resolve in favor of John Clark Jr 296,302,353
Resolve in favor of the town of Lewiston 303,311,329
Resolve authorizing the County Commissioners for the County of Penobscot to locate a road across Orson Island 303,311,329
Resolve further providing for the promulgation of the laws of the State 303,309,389,402,411
Resolve in favor of Alexander Boothby 310,318,360
Resolve for the preservation of the Mars Hill Road 310,318,360
Resolve providing for indices for certain Journals 310,318,329
Resolve for investing money in the Bank Stock and receiving dividends 317,322,342,373
Resolve in favor of James W. Webster 317,324,360
Resolve laying a tax on the several Counties in this State 317,329,379,400
Resolve in favor of John Hodsdon, 317,,327,372,387,67,468,476
Resolve additional in favor of certain officers & soldiers of the Revolutionary War and the widows of deceased officers and soldiers 323,375
Resolve for the repeal of Resolve providing for the appointment of School Commissioners 323,327,336,375
Resolve for the relief of Solomon Littlefield 333,351,366,445,458
Resolve authorizing the acting Quarter Master General to convey a lot of land and Gunhouse in Bangor 334,343,360
Resolve for the sale of land to the Passamaquoddy Indians 340,348,372,394
Resolve additional to a Resolve passed March 17,1835, entitled "Resolve in favor of certain officers and soldiers of the Revolutionary War &c 351,391,435
Resolve to legalize certain official Acts of Timothy Copp 353,357,381
Resolve in favor of the Moosehead Lake to Brighton 353,357,364,396
Resolve in favor of the Belfast & Quebec Rail Road 353,359,374,378
Resolve respecting the reduction of tolls on Dougan's ( ? ) Bridge 359,364,403


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